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Author: Mark Rosenkranz

It was 5:00pm. The day was sultry. “The Reasons Why” was finally going to be told in two and half hours. My agent, Safron handed me the first advance on the footsteps of the playhouse, I said,” Do you think she’ll show?” Safron paused, looked at me and said, “What do you think, you’re handing her a check? I know why you wrote it, but what’s the history?” We walked to a room in the back. We sat down. I said, ” This is how it all started.”

While with a girlfriend years ago I said one morning “lets take a drive somewhere.” She said, “Sure, where were you thinking?” I paused, I said, “Wherever it takes us.” The day was already warm. We drove over a bunch of hills and a couple of hours later we were in the Central Valley. By now it was down right hot. The wind picked up. There were onion fields, all around. The aroma was just plain simply pungent. The car began to lose power. We pulled off into a nearby town. We barely made it to a garage. It was red and looked like a barn. Yes, we were in the country.

One hour later, the mechanic whose name was Ralph said, “It was the gas gage. The car was sputtering because it was out of gas. I had an extra gage. I also filled the tank.” I said, ” How much do I owe you?” Ralph said, “It’s all taken care of. Just pass it on. I said, “Let me pay you at least something.” Ralph said, “No when you get the opportunity just help someone.”

My girlfriend Laurie said, “We’re grateful.” Ralph said, Come back to Merced, you hear!” For some reason, at that moment I felt like I would be back in this town. As we drove out of the parking lot, the wind picked up, the dust picked up. We drove off.

It was the middle of the night. I was back at the garage that looked like a red barn. A lady with long black hair wearing a black dress with red lipstick and piercing blue eyes was standing in front. She’ll looked at me paused and said,”She’ll look like me,” she’ll have a restless heart and that rock won’t roll.” I said to her, “What do you mean? What are you talking about?” I was very perplexed. She said, “you’ll see.” I woke. What a dream!

Many years had passed on and it was a hot summer day in 2010. I was laying out in the middle of the floor in my den; just waking up from a nap as the phone rang. For some reason I knew who it was. As I sat up and picked it up, I dropped it. I could see that the phone call was from Merced. I could hear,” Hello! Hello! It’s me Gabriella. I’m coming over to meet you.” I said,”Huh,” as I gained my composure. “You have cancelled on me three times, so I’m coming over. Is that ok?”, she said. “Yeah, I would like to meet you,” I said.

About two hours later, she pulled in the drive way. This beautiful young lady slowly got out of the car. As I was looking out the blinds, she just stood there, as she looked at the house. As I looked at her, I thought of a couple lines from the movie “Tombstone.” I said out loud, “I’m an oak.” I walked outside toward her as she was walking up the long driveway. Our eyes locked. She had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. She was wearing a black dress with medium heels and red lipstick. The sun was beaming down on her long black hair. I was gone and I knew I was never coming back. I did not know it at the time, but that moment changed our lives.